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STEEL-IT brand coatings are used in a variety of automotive and motorsports applications, and valued among specialty car builders and auto body experts.

In the off-road racing market, builders and racing teams choose to use STEEL-IT 1002 Polyurethane Topcoat to protect chassis, suspensions, arms, spindles, bumpers, and other metal parts that take a beating as they race on some of the world's most punishing race courses. The ability to weld directly on the coating, without having to remove the coating first to repair cracks or fissures in the part underneath, saves hours of time. Some of the better known teams that swear by STEEL-IT include Team Honda, Rob MacCachren's team, Green Army, Bevly Wilson Racing, Christopher Polvoorde Racing and so many more.

The attractive yet industrial look of STEEL-IT paint serves the dual purpose of adding a distinctive and attention-grabbing raw steel finish to vehicle parts while providing superior protection against wear, corrosion, salt, and the elements that will last for years and is easy to touch up.

In industrial environments where heavy-duty vehicles are subjected to corrosive elements and harsh conditions, STEEL-IT coatings can extend the life of snowplows, vehicle undercarriages, wheel rims, and other parts.

To learn more about how STEEL-IT can add a unique look and superior protection to your custom or industrial vehicle, please contact one of our specialists today.
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