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Viracon now offers BIG Glass in multiple configurations along with a wide selection of components and enhancements. This flexibility will allow your design aesthetic to be realized while still meeting or exceeding the performance requirements that your project demands. Sizes to meet your project's needs are available up to 130" (3302mm) base maximum, up to 236" (5994mm) height maximum and up to 213 square feet (19.76m2). Viracon's BIG Glass offering meets or exceeds all applicable ASTM standards with the quality that you've come to expect from Viracon. As glass gets larger understanding sightlines, wind loads, glass strength and deflection becomes more critical. Viracon can help you with the calculations of these important values to ensure a safe and successful project. See the following for further information: Deflection and Sightline Reference GuideBIG Glass creates additional factors that should be considered. Since oversized units may be larger, heavier and thicker than standard units, care must be taken during shipping, storing and installation of oversized units. The proper jobsite equipment and glazing system components are critical to a safe and successful project utilizing oversized units.
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BIG Glass