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Nantucket Beadboard Co., Inc. (The)
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Nantucket® BeadBoard offers two distinctive bead profiles, the 'Standard bead' and the 'V-bead'.

The "V-bead" is the same bead profile found on historic wainscot and plank paneling. The 'Standard bead' is a custom bead profile that is larger and more pronounced than the 'V-bead' profile. Both bead profiles have their own advantages.

The 'V-bead' profile is an authentic scale reproduction of traditional wainscot. This allows the homeowner to add to existing wainscoting while maintaining a consistent visual effect.

The 'Standard bead' profile is manufactured to take advantage of the 4 foot width of modern building sheet good materials making it a perfect choice on new construction. Also the larger profile of the 'Standard bead' produces a sharper visual accent even after repeated coats of paint.
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