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The floor was polished with the traditional RetroPlate method by starting wet from 30 metal to 200 resin and finished dry from 400 - 1,500 resin. RetroPlate was applied to the point of rejection, maintained wet for 45 minutes, left to sit no less than 24 hours before polishing and used with a fully refined polishing system. Results were quantified through the use of a profile meter. 

The school system's floor care cost were reduced by 60%. Won 2nd place in the ASCC category for polished concrete. Cuviello concrete is not a member of ASCC. The winner was an ASCC member. As a result of the significantly reduced floor care cost and aesthetic qualities, the new Bennett Middle School will receive the same flooring system to be performed in July 2014. Cuviello Concrete has been awarded this job and will not only include corridors but also classrooms totaling 95,371 ft2 of area. 

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