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TemperShield® is a versatile premium glass product providing high-grade solutions with a range of marine applications. It is compatible with security, thermal and decorative glazing, making it a highly customisable product that can fit a range of different projects.


Hundreds of configurations are possible and can be curved to your specification. We are proud to offer a toughened (tempered) AND laminated solution that can also be curved to your specifications.


Our on-site digital measure service utilises the latest scanning hardware to produce electronic templates with unmatched accuracy, doing away with the need for the cumbersome and time consuming measure, production, transportation and storage of physical templates; ideal for bent toughened glass projects.


Curved & Bent Glass Options

Glasshape® has the capabilities to bend its Glass in many different ways, shapes and sizes; providing a limitless array of options for custom curves. To find out more of what is possible, visit our Curved & Bent Glass Options page, where you will also learn how to measure bent Glass.


TemperShield Toughened Glass Features & Benefit

  • 2D, 3D and complex curves, including conical, spherical, J-curves & tangents

  • Thicknesses from 4mm (1/8″) -19mm (3/4″)

  • Standard Dimensions up to 3900mm (154″) x 2440mm (96″) + oversize capabilities

  • Laminate & Print compatible

  • Large range of glass types available off-the-shelf, or bespoke to your specifications


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Bent & Flat Tempered Glass

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