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Bullet resistant glass: ultra high grade security laminate for definitive protection from ballistic weapons

AmmoShield® bullet resistant glass encapsulates exceedingly high velocity projectiles without allowing penetration through the armoured panel, making it ideal for use in areas of high risk or where the threat of fire-arms is prevalent.


AmmoShield® is a polycomposite-glass laminate, custom-constructed to meet clients' specified protection levels. In addition to the specified protection from ballistics, AmmoShield® provides up to 60 minutes resistance under sustained attack from an intruder with simple hand weapons.


AmmoShield® protects the critical operational areas of buildings, houses, marine vessels and land vehicles where precautions against attack are required. AmmoShield® is typically used in embassies, court houses, banks, armoured vehicles, VIP housing, panic rooms. It must be installed in an approved ballistic framing system.


NATA accredited testing laboratories have subjected Glasshapes bullet resistant glass to cover all the requirements of AS/NZS2343:1997 and NIJ0108.01:1985. We can test customised glass make-ups to these standards or other applicable standards if required.


Most AmmoShield® bullet resistant products are comprised of multi-laminated glass with a poly-composite spall panel on the non-attack side to stop glass fragments from being thrown from the back of the panel in the event of attack. We have also designed all glass AmmoShield® make-ups with an anti-spall film on the non-attack face for situations such as oversize windows or in areas with hot, humid environments where the poly-composite option may not be suitable.


AmmoShield Features & Benefits

  • Range of bullet resistant protection levels available
  • Lightweight vs. glass-only products of similar thickness & attack resistance
  • Standard dimensions up to 2400mm (94″) x 1800mm (71″)
  • 2D curves (single radius and single axis)
  • Compatible with VisionInk®
  • Tinted glass available
  • Up to 60 minute intruder resistance
  • Spall Panel prevents glass fragment spray on non-attack side
  • IACS, AS 3555.1 Intruder Level 2, AS/NZS 2343 ballistic levels G0, G1, G2, R1, R2, NIJ0108.01 Level 3


NB: Approved ballistic framing system required


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Bullet Resistant Glass

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