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The Chameleon® Precast system addresses the precast industry™s unique requirements for batch size, accuracy and automatic batching control, while providing the flexibility to make thousands of custom colors using only four primary Hydrotint® pigments. The Chameleon® system never gets tired and its computer tracks every batch so there is never a question if the right color and quantity of pigment made it into the batch. And, because the Chameleon® Precast system is fully modular, it is easy to install, easy to customize and can grow to match changing requirements. What's more? Since we designed the machine and make the color, the system comes with the support and service you expect from the people who have more automatic color systems in operation worldwide and in the U.S. than any other manufacturer. Many precast manufactures also use our Chameleon® Express mini batch bucket system to create small batches of custom colors for special applications.

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