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160-A Wampus Ln.
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The CP3000 is our barrier-free optical turnstile with a slim cabinet profile. This barrier-free optical turnstile combines technological advancement with aesthetical refinement. With no physical barrier and unparalleled optical technology, the CP3000 ensures fast throughput while simultaneously detecting and alarming when unauthorized entry occurs.

This compact and modern counting turnstile is a TCP/IP enabled device, allowing it to instantly communicate data with other networked devices. The CP3000 can even be integrated via a momentary dry contact for simple and direct integration. The CP3000's included browser-based configuration software transforms any networked device with access to a web browser (PC, smartphone, tablet, laptop) into a remote lane configurator. Instead of plugging into individual turnstile lanes, simply use your personal device to install software updates and access your CP3000's core settings.

Step up your operations and monitoring with our optional LaneAdmin browser-based software. LaneAdmin integrates remotely with any networked CP3000, instantly providing a virtual desktop view so your attendants or security team can perform operational functions such as processing one-time passages and changing operational directions.

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ClearPass CP3000 Barrier-Free Optical Turnstile

ClearPass CP3000 Barrier-Free Optical Turnstile  


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