Firefree Coatings, Inc.
Firefree Coatings, Inc.

Intumescent Fire Resistant Coatings

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Firefree products are unique because of their performance, ease of use, applicability to multiple substrates and assemblies, and full testing and certification to international standards (from ASTM, UBC and FM in the US and GCC, to AS in Australia, EN and BS in Europe), through IAS/ICC accredited laboratories.
Because of their high level of performance, Firefree coatings are cost effective as they will usually require a relatively low thickness, and thus lower amounts of paint (compared to other coatings) to comply with the fire retardant or fire resistance requirements. Furthermore, in many cases Firefree paints have achieved testing results not reached (or even attempted) by other coatings. In such cases the only alternative to Firefree products are traditional construction materials (gypsum…), which will often involve significant, lengthy, and expensive amounts of construction, and/or destruction/reconstruction to achieve the required ratings.

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