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Pavemend SLQ is a cementitious, very rapid setting, self-leveling structural repair mortar suitable for very rapid concrete repair in all climates, especially in near freezing and below freezing applications. It is a single component powder that is water activated, and is suited for aggregate extension. SLQ has 2-4 minutes working time and will reach compressive strengths up to 3000 psi within 60 minutes of final set. Designed for horizontal and formed applications. SLQ can be applied in ambient temperature ranges from -20 degrees F to 110 degrees F without special mixing or curing equipment.



  • 1 Hour RTS (> 3000 psi), Use from -20 degrees F to 110 degrees F, Just add water, Extendable, Mild MOE for field durability, AFCESA Approved, Apply > 1/4" depth.


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Concrete Repair
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