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Griffolyn, Division of Reef Industries, Inc.
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Contaminated Equipment Covers

Save time, labor and money with Griffolyn® contaminated equipment tarps. For nearly 50 years, Reef Industries has been providing the nuclear industry with construction, maintenance and outage protection with a variety of products for contamination control and reliable storage solutions. Reef Industries' patented Griffolyn® contaminated equipment tarps are tough and durable to provide a variety of options to improve your company's efficiency. Whether you're looking to reduce shipping costs, maximize facility use, comply with regulatory agencies or save time and money, the value and performance of Griffolyn® are unsurpassed.

These high-quality plastics can be produced with specialized properties including fire retardancy for safety applications, low contamination for critical equipment and are incinerable to reduce the volume of radwaste. Additional tie-down methods such as grommets, D-rings, webbing straps, pipe loops, and drawstring closures are also available to help secure contaminated equipment covers in place. Don't just cover your business, protect it with Griffolyn®.

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