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Conveyor and Storage Rack Car Lift Parking System

A personal car vending machine - deposits one car at a time from storage system.

The Challenge

A homeowner in LA who did not want to give up livable space of their new home construction for the garage space required for their five cars. Under city ordinance, they had limited footprint above ground available. So, our team of talented engineers configured an underground parking system that solved all the homeowner's challenges.

The Vasari Solution
The new home design includes multiple levels, therefore the car lift was designed to travel between three levels in a shaft way with the capacity to move vehicles off by a conveyor system and onto (2) lower-level storage racks. This is achieved by engineering the car lift with an over-sized hydraulic lifting platform embedded with a conveyor system, as well as each slot within the storage racks is also equipped with a conveyor. The homeowner can control the operation of this parking system through a touchscreen HMI panel. This provides a visual screen of the system to allow the homeowner to park a car by selecting which storage space is available and transporting the car to the designated space. They can also select which car should be conveyed off the storage rack and onto the lift, raised up to driveway level for the homeowner's use.

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