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Tubelite 400SS Screw Spline Curtainwall is an exterior glazed, thermally improved pressure wall system. This gasket glazed, weeped system will accept infill material up to 1" thick, positioned at the frame exterior for a minimum of metal exposure. A screw applied pressure plate secures the infill material and snap fits with a cover plate to conceal fasteners and allow for two color installations. Open-back jambs and 2-piece intermediate verticals allow screw spline joints. This reduces the need for shear blocks, fabrication time and installation labor costs. 400SS Curtainwall has a 2-1/2" sight-line and is available in variable depth from 5-7/8" to 13-1/4" through face cover / backmember combinations. It is recommended for use on low to medium rise structures.
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Curtainwall: 400 Series BIM system
Curtainwall: 400 Series

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