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CAST CONNEX provides design and design-build services for custom cast steel components. We specialize in the structural engineering of cast steel components for building and bridge structures. Our experience with steel castings for structural and architectural uses is unparalleled. Our areas of expertise include industrial design and 3-dimensional modeling, finite element stress analysis, steel connection design, casting detailing, steel casting manufacturing and technologies, destructive structural testing of full-scale cast steel components and structural assemblages, performance-based casting and non-destructive examination specification writing.

We leverage steel casting manufacturing to offer our clients unparalleled opportunities for optimization and beauty in structural form. We'll work with you to design your custom cast steel components to ensure that they provide the desired aesthetic, carry loads safely and efficiently, integrate with your structural steel framing, and are castable and economical.

We've been engaged by and provided our services to owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, and steel fabricators in both public and private projects and have provided both design only as well as design-build solutions.

Consider custom castings for:

  • Architecturally exposed connections; particularly for connecting HSS elements or to mate between various materials (i.e. steel to timber)
  • Complex connections subjected to arduous loading or where increased connection stiffness is required
  • Fatigue critical connections
  • Advanced components providing specific performance or function (i.e. rockers, couplers, dissipaters, etc.)

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Custom Components

Custom Components