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Custom-made Formliners
Nowadays builders and designers not only have to build their structure but have to be aware of its impact on the immediate environment. Concrete is still one of the most durable and most economical building materials. When being liquid it offers nearly unlimited possibilities for architectural designing. In this respect, the RECKLI system, i.e. the elastic stripping of concrete, offers both planner and constructor decisive advantages. The elasticity of the formliners makes removal from the mould possible without breakage either to the concrete or the mould. This system gives architects , planners and property developpers the freedom in being able to realize almost any requirements in designing. The reusability of approximately 100 times guarantees economic efficiency. RECKLI formliners are available in more than 200 standard designs. Beside this large range, we can also manufacture special moulds and formliners to the customers''own designs. This brochure illustrates the variety of its application by a selection of some one off patterns.
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US Formliner video of Manufacturing of a Custom-Made Formliner for Concrete Elements