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“Designing with Fire Rated Glass” by SAFTI FIRST is a must-have for all design professionals. This on-demand program empowers you to choose the correct code compliant glazing product for every fire-rated application. With the advent of new and technologically-advanced fire rated glazing products in the market today, there is much confusion on which products are appropriate for certain applications. This program is designed help code officials and fire marshals determine the correct and code approved fire rated glazing product based on current fire/safety glazing test standards and IBC Chapter 7 code requirements. It will also provide non-proprietary information on various fire rated glazing products available today to make it easier for code officials and fire marshals to identify them during plan review or when they are installed in the field. We show you how to:


  • Understand safety glazing requirements and how they apply to various fire rated glazing products;
  • Identify the difference between fire protective vs. fire resistive glazing based on the code and performance requirements of the application, not the manufacturer’s product testing;
  • Choose the correct and code approved fire rated glazing products based on current IBC code requirements and applications;
  • Learn how today’s advanced fire rated glazing products can enhance a building’s overall design and performance.


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f you are interested in an in-person presentation for your firm, please contact for scheduling information.


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Designing with Fire Rated Glass