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Barrier Systems

From all-welded expanded metal designs, to high-density chain link fencing, to access control solutions that combine astonishing strength with easy use, our advanced security systems are designed to protect any asset that absolutely cannot be compromised.

Unmatched Security

Each barrier system is engineered by the best to be the best - combining brains and brawn to provide perimeter protection that can't be beat. And to this day no other system on the market has been able to overpower us, outthink us or outperform us.
In fact, we received the highest possible rating in an IKE Certification Attack Test, where special forces operators use different tools to attempt to breach a barrier.
Proof. Meet pudding.

Elegantly Designed

A polished look with a purpose. Our patented welded design allows for zero exposed bolts or brackets, and for technology cabling to be hidden in protected channels within the barrier.
Our systems have exactly four components: posts, rails, panels and fasteners. No brackets means increased security. No brackets means faster installation. No brackets means better.

Efficiently Installed

Our barrier systems are the easiest and most flexible systems on the market to install. Typically, PSS products have installation rates that are around 35% faster than other barrier systems because of their unique, elegant and patented design - offering unparalleled security that is easy to deploy.
Time is money and a 35% reduction in barrier installation rate equates to real dollars saved on projects that are always needing to find ways to come in on budget.

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Videos for Differentiators

Perimeter Security Solutions video of IFI - Rapid Deploy Installation
Perimeter Security Solutions video of IFI-14 Palisade Barrier System Installation
Perimeter Security Solutions video of PSS - IFI12 Mini Louver - Installation Teaser
Perimeter Security Solutions video of PSS - IKE Certification Attack Test
Perimeter Security Solutions video of PSS Chainlink Barrier Systems Installation