Envirospec, Inc./Pave-El
Envirospec, Inc./Pave-El
PAVE-EL® Pedestal System
21 Mellowood Dr.
Toronto, ON, Canada M2L 2E4
Phone: 905-271-3441
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For complete technical information ARCAT MAIL us, or call us at 905-271-3441.

Envirospec, Inc./Pave-El > PRODUCT > Dry Deck Water Fountains
Beautiful and unique dry-deck water fountain areas are possible with the PAVE-EL Pedestal System. Not only does PAVE-EL ensure the uniform spacing and elevation of paver stones in a dry deck fountain installation, but it allows water to run off through to the drainage-plane-level and under paver stones to the fountain drainage system. Dry-deck fountains constructed with PAVE-EL eliminate trip hazards, minimize vandalism and offer no impediment to handicapped access and pedestrian traffic.

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