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VersiGard® with QAT  

One of the most critical portions of a VersiGard EPDM installation is made faster and easier with Quick-Applied Tape (QAT) Seam Technology. With QAT Seam Technology, QA Seam Tape is factory applied to the membrane, greatly reducing the time required for completing seams and minimizing your labor costs.

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CAD Detail Files for EPDM - VersiGard® with QAT
VGC-12.1 - Parapet/Curb with QA RTS (Vertical)
download: view:
VGC-12.2 - Parapet/Curb with QA RTS (Horizontal)
download: view:
VGC-12.3 - Parapet/Curb with Separate Membrane Flashing
download: view:
VGC-15.1 - Inside Corner with RTS (Option 1)
download: view:
VGC-15.2 - Inside Corner with RTS (Option 2)
download: view:
VGC-15.3 - Inside Corner with Continuous EPDM Wall Flashing
download: view:
VGC-15.5 - Outside Corner with Pre-Cut Quick-Applied Flashing
download: view:
VGC-15.6 - Outside Corner with Quick-Applied Uncured Flashing (Option 1)
download: view:
VGC-15.7 - Outside Corner with Quick-Applied Uncured Flashing (Option 2)
download: view:
VGC-15.8 - Outside Corner Flashing for Projects with 90 mil Membrane or 25/30 year warranties
download: view: