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Economy Century

Copper direct connect drain with 14" flange (standard), ABS clamping ring (standard) and polyethylene strainer (standard).


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Adapts to all types of membranes and roof systems
  • Provides flexible expansion type connections to plumbing
  • Positive seal to roof membranes
  • Constructed of 16 oz. copper
  • New clamping ring style for single-ply systems
  • Bolt in place plastic strainer


  • Aluminum strainer
  • Aluminum low profile strainer (2-3/4" tall)
  • Cast iron strainer
  • Aluminum clamping ring
  • Metal clamping ring
  • TPO coated flange
  • PVC coated flange
  • Available is sizes of 2", 3", 4", 5" and 6" (available in non-standard sizes)
  • Custom fabrication available
  • Available without clamping ring

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