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FutureWEDGE™ 3100

The FutureWEDGE™ 3100 is a versatile, environmentally-friendly, all electric vehicle barrier designed to meet a variety of perimeter security demands. Depending on your site's crash rating requirements, the FutureWEDGE™ 3100 comes in four practical versions, with the highest rating capable of stopping and immobilizing a 15,000 lb vehicle traveling up to 50 mph. The FutureWEDGE™ 3100 vehicle barrier is a pollution-free solution utilizing an electric actuator designed to meet or exceed the operating speeds of hydraulic systems . There are no hydraulic hoses or polluting oil, which are common causes of barrier failure and costly maintenance. This patented, precision-built, new generation barrier reduces installation and maintenance costs while improving reliability at an overall lower life cycle cost.
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