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FabriTRAK® Systems, Inc.

Acoustical Wall and Ceiling Treatments

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FabriSPAN® offers a selection of fabrics designed to work with wall and ceiling trak profiles and infill to create the best sound solution for any interior space.

FabriSPAN® wide width (10') and ultra-wide width (16') eliminate distracting horizontal seams on interior walls and ceilings.

FabriSPAN® fabrics have passed through rigorous fire and acoustic testing. Our fabrics included in the FabriTRAK® or GeoTRAK® System (trak, infill, fabric) achieve high NRC values of .85.

FabriPRINT™ is a unique product that combines acoustic performance and artistic imagery, transforming a wall or ceiling into a work of art. Our fabrics can be custom dyed at 10' - allowing the designer complete creativity; interior spaces embellished with custom art, logos or patterns are all available with FabriPRINT™.

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FabriSPAN® Fabrics

FabriSPAN® Fabrics  

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