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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, dentistry was one of the most dangerous professions and put dentists and dental staff at great risk for infection. Air Innovations created the HEPAiRx® ventilating room air filtration unit to keep patients and staff safer in the dental environment. This system can also be utilized in other settings where clean air exchange is necessary.

The HEPAiRx® system is an air filtration device that quickly and effectively purifies the room of airborne particles and contaminants. The system combines multiple strategies for maintaining optimal health. Each window unit uses medical-grade HEPA filtration, ventilation to exhaust the room air every 30 minutes for a standard-sized room, optional UV-C light, and creates positive or negative pressure spaces to reduce the number of particles from entering or exiting the space.

The HEPAiRx® System:

  • Brings dedicated fresh air into the space to naturally dilute volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and gases.

  • Integrates HVAC to isolate the space from the existing systems. HVAC ductwork is a source of cross-contamination between operatories. The HEPAiRx® system seals off the existing system to isolate it from adjacent spaces creating a true isolation space.

  • Pressurizes the space and creates either a negative or positive pressure environment.

  • Uses optional upstream UV-C light to kill viruses trapped on the intake side of the medical-grade HEPA filter. This is the only effective means of killing the virus on the HEPA filter.

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Filter, Pressurize, & Ventilate Air
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