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WOOD-FRAMED CONSTRUCTION IN MULTI-RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS: ACOUSTIC SLEEPERThe Acoustic Sleeper is an integral part of UL Designs for 1-hour and 2-hour fire-resistant floor/ceiling construction:

  • Wood Truss 1-hour: L528, L563, L574
  • Wood Truss 2-hour: L577
  • Wood Joists 1-hour: L502, L506, L514
  • Wood Joists 2-hour: L505
  • I-Joists: L589
  • Metal Joists: L524
  • Light Gauge Metal Truss: L560, L565

The pads and wood panel subfloor install over the floor sheathing and substitute for acoustic mats and gypsum cement underlayment, at much less cost, higher performance, and better comfort underfoot.

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