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MAPEI > PRODUCT > Flexible, Hydrophobic Polyurethane Grout - Resfoam™ HB 45
Flexible, Hydrophobic Polyurethane Grout
Resfoam HB 45 is a low-viscosity, flexible, hydrophobic polyurethane grout used to stop water infiltration in concrete structures. Resfoam HB 45 is a solvent-free, MDI-based polymer system that reacts with water. Use Resfoam HB 45 together with Resfoam HBA 5 accelerator to adjust the reaction profile for a specific application. In a free-rise circumstance, Resfoam HB 45 will expand up to 750% of its liquid volume. Upon application, Resfoam HB 45 reacts to form a closed-cell polyurethane grout that will not shrink, and provides an elastomeric waterproof barrier sealing infiltration points against water intrusion. Resfoam HB 45 is nontoxic and has good chemical resistance. Resfoam HB 45 is also available in a dual-cartridge format (Resfoam HB 45C) with the accelerator already portioned in the Part B cartridge.
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