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Foam Rails and Tapes for Casting Concrete
SureCrete''s XS casting foam rails system is elegantly simple: eliminating ripping material, screwing, nailing, and in most cases, caulking to create the side rails in forming precast projects. It consists of 3 elements: Polystyrene foam rails, Clear facing tape and PSA tape. Whether forming from 3/4'" (1.9cm) up to 2'" (5cm) thick, form edges are true with no bleeding between casting surface and XS Forming. Installation tools required are just a tape measure, pencil and knife. Unlike conventional forming systems that are made with 2A-4 lumber pieces, saw-cut melamine or other materials, the XS Forming system provides a much more lightweight, versatile and infinitely more cost efficient method for forming your precast concrete pieces. Sold in individual four foot lengths, the foam rails can be purchased in much smaller incriments than is allowed by typical fabrication methods. This makes it a much more inexpensive method for homeowners and weekend warriors that are looking to create one-off pieces and weekend projects.
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