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GEORUNNER® Scour Protection

High-Performance Transition Mats Stop Scour

Protect areas subjected to concentrated flows from scour and surface erosion with GEORUNNER® Mats. Fully interconnected mats protect underlying TRMs and erosion control blankets, allowing low-maintenance vegetation at pipe outfalls, drainage ditches and swales instead of costly, high maintenance rip rap. Shorelines with moderate wave action are also protected from erosion with GEORUNNER® Mats.

Colorado State University performance tested up to 30 fps.

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CAD Detail Files for GEORUNNER® Scour Protection

GeoRunner Flow Protection System
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GeoRunner Portable Mat Drawing
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Specifications for GEORUNNER® Scour Protection

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Videos for GEORUNNER® Scour Protection

Presto Geosystems video of GEORUNNER Scour Protection at Apple Creek
Presto Geosystems video of GeoRunner Mats on a Stormwater Channel Embankment