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GEOTERRA: The SAFEST Construction Mat in the Industry

Access across soft ground with speed, agility, and safety with strong, light-weight GEOTERRA® Construction Mats. Build access roads, work platforms and tracking pads even over poor soils, wet ground and difficult-to-access sites. Protect lawn from damaging construction traffic. With a high crush and flexural strength, GEOTERRA® mats deliver support for construction traffic and heavy equipment loads without the expense of heavier HDPE composite or timber mats!

Performance: GEOTERRA Mats Proven Equivalent to 12 inches of Aggregate.

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GEOTERRA® Construction Mats

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CAD Drawings for GEOTERRA® Construction Mats
GeoTerra GTO Connection & Anchor Detail
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GeoTerra GTO Design Cross-Sections & Applications
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GeoTerra GTO Material Specification & Unit Dimensions
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GeoTerra Mat System Typical Cross Sections
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GeoTerra Mat System Typical Layout Patterns
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GeoTerra Mat System; System Components
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Presto Geosystems video of GEOTERRA GTO Mats Protect Turf for Heavy Vehicle Access
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Presto Geosystems video of GEOTERRA Mats Provide Access in Environmental Area
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