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GPX Fire Floor System
Features Largest tested and listed individual glass panel sizes to maximize the amount of daylight penetrating between floors while meeting fire rated requirements. Maximum individual panel area of 7,017.3 sq. in. (82-3/8" x 85-3/16") fully supported and 4,763.9 sq. in. (67-7/8" x 70-3/16") butt-glazed for one-hour floor assemblies. Maximum individual panel area of 5,889.6 sq. in. fully supported and 3,700.8 sq. in. butt-glazed (both with a maximum dimension of 78" height or width) for two-hour floor assemblies. Single glass unit comprised of custom SuperLite II-XL combined with a tempered laminated walking surface and a structural steel framing grid. Both the glass unit and structural steel framing grid are manufactured and provided by SAFTIFIRST. Designed with a sealed airspace between the fire rated glass and walkable surface to eliminate condensation issues. Meets ASTM E-119/UL 263/ULC-S101 and blocks smoke, flames and radiant heat up to two hours. Available with a durable, non-slip walking surface with loads up to 100 psf. Modular system with a top-loaded design for easy installation. Can be used in interior and exterior applications. Available in multiple frame finishes and glass make-ups.
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