Chosen Wood Window Maintenance, Inc.
Chosen Wood Window Maintenance, Inc.
Slim Line Insulating Pane
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Go Green

Environmentally conscious people are opting for restoration over replacement as a way to conserve energy, save money, and reduce their carbon footprint. Window restoration proves to be an effective environmentally friendly way to conserve resources by utilizing what has already been produced. In addition, replacement windows that contain vinyl or PVC are toxic to produce, create toxic by-products and are not recyclable.

By repairing, you save your old windows from being thrown in the landfill, and once repaired, they can be maintained for the life of the building.
Chosen Wood Windows restores, rebuilds and reproduces sash, wood and windows and doors.  Chosen Wood Window ‘s philosophy is to reuse what is good and replace what is necessary.  We reuse all the good wood components in the existing window.  If we replace the glass with insulated glass, we reuse the distorted wavy glass on other historical projects. Go Green & save on energy costs!

  • Discarded windows add to already overcrowded landfills
  • Manufacturing replacement windows produces still more waste
  • Large amounts of energy are consumed to extract and process raw materials, then assemble, transport and install replacement windows
  • Replacement windows use non-renewable resources such as petroleum
  • Forests are being depleted in the production of wooden replacments
  • Replacement windows may contain toxins

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