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Green Statement
Chem-Pruf Door Company Ltd is committed to protecting the environment and to preserving resources by producing products with long service lives and minimal or no upkeep requirements - and that includes no need ever to paint, eliminating possible adverse environmental impact from that activity. This longevity, of course, also results in less frequent replacement and consequent lower long-term manufacturing need for energy and other non-renewable materials. Many of our products are also designed and manufactured to protect people and property, providing security and health protection in specific applications such as banking, pharmaceuticals, amusement parks, food processing plants, and chemical plants and laboratories, as well as in homes, public building, condos, hotels, and apartments, especially in areas where impact, wind and water resistance, and security are major considerations. Our easy to maintain products resist corrosion and are built so that, with proper installation, use, and maintenance, they eliminate worries over mold, fungi or other opportunistic infestations. Chem-Pruf is the product of choice for those who think not only of today, but also of tomorrow.
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