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Green Umbrella RTU Microfilm™
Green Umbrella™ RTU (Ready To Use) Microfilm™ is an environmentally friendly hybrid surface treatment that creates a durable micro-thin layer to seal polished concrete floors. Properly applied, Green Umbrella RTU Microfilm forms a breathable, dense, protective layer which is highly resistant to aviation oils, stands up to acid and chemical exposure, and is not prone to whitening, peeling or flaking - with a beautiful high-gloss finish. Green Umbrella RTU Microfilm is specially formulated for use in manufacturing & light assembly plants, warehouse/distribution centers, food service operations, retail stores & showrooms, parking decks, garages and any other areas where polished concrete surfaces are maintained. SAFER FOR THE ENVIRONMENTGreen Umbrella RTU Microfilm is a responsible alternative for professionals concerned about the environmental impact of densifiers and other polished concrete treatments. Unlike most traditional products, Green Umbrella Microfilm has a very low VOC content (<50g/L), minimal impact on indoor air quality, and creates an ultra-hard, watertight surface layer that reduces maintenance frequency while significantly extending the life of polished concrete and masonry. Green Umbrella RTU Microfilm is an environmentally responsible product. SUPERIOR FEATURES:Ready to use, no dilution Highly resistant to aviation oils for up to 48 hours Stands up to heavy abrasion and high foot traffic Resists acid (organic/inorganic) & chemical exposure Does not support mildew or fungi growth Forms protective shield against UV radiation, resulting in extended dye/color retention Not prone to whitening; will not peel or flake USDA/FDA approved for incidental food contact Very low maintenance EASY TO APPLY - QUICK TO CURE - SIMPLE TO MAINTAINDiluted per the manufacturer's specifications, Green Umbrella Microfilm is exceptionally easy to use. Simply apply with a sprayer and Productions Team-recommended applicator, in single- or multi-coat treatments, for coverage of up to 3000 sq. ft. per gallon. The rapid curing and low polymer/ammonia odor mean less downtime for your facility, and the treated surface requires no waxing - simply auto-scrub or damp mop to clean, and propane burnish to restore the gloss as needed.
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