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Green Umbrella ColorShield™ Concrete Colorant
Green Umbrella™ ColorShield™ concrete colorant is an environmentally friendly concrete finish product that colors the floor as it penetrates. Quick installation and easy to change colors make this the right product for your concrete floors. Green Umbrella Color Shield provides UV stable color and a glossy sheen, and can be used both inside and outside, beautifying concrete with or without diamond polishing. Color Shield eliminates the need for acid stains, neutralizers, and other hazardous waste disposal issues - significantly reducing your impact on the environment.VERSATILE APPLICATIONS:Green Umbrella™ ColorShield™ concrete colorant is specially formulated for use in the DIY environment - homes garages and patios. It can also be used in assembly plants, warehouse/distribution centers, food service operations, retail stores & showrooms, parking decks, garages, airports, hospitals, and any other areas where concrete surfaces are maintained. SAFER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT GREEN UMBRELLA™ COLOR SHIELD™ is a responsible alternative for professionals concerned about the environmental impact of acid stains, sodium densifiers, and other harmful concrete treatments. Unlike many traditional products, Green Umbrella Color Shield is pH neutral, compliant with all state VOC standards, and contains no sodium or potassium which can contribute to Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR). The harder, denser, and less porous surface created by Green Umbrella Color Shield means the substrate will stain less and wear longer, reducing maintenance frequency and extending the life of concrete and masonry. SUPERIOR FEATURES:Quick installation, easy to change colors or repair if necessary.UV stable color - can be used both inside and outside without fadingNo need for sealers, paints or epoxies that flake offIncreases hardness and density while reducing porocityNot a stain - no harmful or toxic chemical exposureBeautiful sheen with or without diamond polishingNo need for concrete to be flat, Color Shield follows contoured surfacesStands up to heavy abrasion while providing excellent slip resistanceIncreased chemical resistanceFormulation will not contribute to ASREASY TO APPLY - SIMPLE TO MAINTAINGreen Umbrella Color Shield is already tinted. Simply mix well and apply with a Patriot Sprayer and an exploded tip bristle broom for coverage of up to 400 sq. ft. per gallon. When dry, burnish with a 2000 rpm propane burnisher and a thick black pad. Because of their reduced porosity and superior resistance to staining, maintaining surfaces treated with Green Umbrella Color Shield requires nothing more than occasional damp mopping.
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