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Green Umbrella™ Outdoor Microfilm™ is an environmentally friendly hybrid surface treatment that creates a durable micro-thin layer to seal concrete. Green Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm is perfect for broom finished, porous, and consolidated concrete surfaces, improving slip and abrasion resistance. When properly applied, Green Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm forms a breathable, dense, protective layer is highly resistant to aviation oils, stands up to acid and chemical exposure, and is not prone to flaking with a beautiful gloss finish. Green Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm is specially formulated for outdoor honed concrete and outdoor decorative concrete for use in driveways, patios, parking decks, garages and any other areas where concrete surfaces are maintained. SAFER FOR THE ENVIRONMENTGreen Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm is a responsible alternative for professionals concerned about the environmental impact of densifiers and other concrete treatments. Green Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm creates an ultra-hard, watertight surface layer that reduces the effects of heavy traffic. Green Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm is an environmentally responsible product. Superior Features:Highly resistant to aviation oils for up to 48 HoursStands up to heavy abrasion and high foot trafficResists acid (organic/inorganic) & chemical exposureDoes not support mildew or fungi growthForms a protective shield against UV radiation, resulting in extended dye/color retentionNot prone to whitening, peeling or flakingVery low maintenanceWithstands extreme temperature, ice and snowEasy to Apply - Quick to Cure - Simple to MaintainGreen Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm is exceptionally easy to use. Simply apply product with a Patriot sprayer. To accommodate preferred gloss, Green Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm can be used straight for coverage of approximately 400 sq. ft. and a high-gloss finish or diluted in a 1:1 ratio for a semi-gloss finish and approximately 800 sq. ft. of coverage. The rapid curing means less down time for your facility. Due to the reduced porosity and superior resistance to staining, treated surfaces are easy to maintain with the occasional use of a Green Umbrella water broom.
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