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Green Walls - Contemporary architecture is increasingly focusing on Vertical Greening Systems as a means to restore the environmental integrity of urban areas, biodiversity and sustainability. Planners and architects who have teamed up with Jakob Rope Systems are already producing outstanding results and are defining new dimensions for “art on buildings" with Jakob Green FaCade System.

Professional and expedient greening faCade requires careful and thoughtful planning, Jakob Rope System has gained an international reputation in this field.

Vertical Green can be classified as faCade greening according to the growing method employed. A Green FaCade use supporting structures and climbing plants that will trail along the structure with soil at the base of the wall. Plants are rooted at the base of these structures, in the ground, in intermediate planters or even on rooftops. Green Facades can be anchored to new construction, existing walls or built as freestanding structures, such as fences or columns.

This techniques have a stunning visual effect and serve to increase the green space of a city. Green facades are typically outdoors and indoor and are limited to species of plant that can climb the structure.

The support structure can be our wire Trellis System, Cable System or Mesh System.

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Green Walls