Griffolyn, Division of Reef Industries, Inc.
Griffolyn, Division of Reef Industries, Inc.
Vapor Barriers
9209 Almeda Genoa Rd.
Houston, TX 77075
Toll Free: 800-231-6074
Phone: 713-507-4251
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Griffolyn® Pallet Covers

Use Reef Industries' patented Griffolyn® pallet covers to reduce packaging, shipping or storage costs of valuable goods. Griffolyn® products are lightweight, flexible, cold-crack and moisture resistant and provide continuous protection all year round. Manufactured using a UV stabilizing process, Griffolyn® helps to protect your investments from sun degradation commonly associated with long-range outdoor storage and shipping. Custom-fitted Griffolyn® pallet covers are reusable and also available in fire-retardant and anti-static grades allowing you to make the most of your warehouse space and to store pallets, drums, cable reels and various machines outdoors, freeing up valuable warehouse space.

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