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HSD - Shear Dowel System
HALFEN HSD Shear Dowel Systems are designed to distribute shear loads through construction joints. The shear dowels allow relative displacement, reducing internal stresses and thus eliminating cracking of the concrete. HALFEN HSD Shear Dowels provide solutions for a variety of applications, loads, slab depths, and joint widths. Each connector is a two-part assembly comprising of a sleeve and a dowel component. The sleeve is nailed to the formwork ensuring subsequent alignment with the dowel and that the system works as intended. HALFEN Shear Dowels are manufactured from stainless steel to ensure a high degree of corrosion resistance with no requirements for additional protection. HALFEN HSD Shear Dowel Systems are ideal for use in expansion joint applications and provide a more efficient alternative to corbels. Eliminating the custom formwork and congested reinforcing associated with traditional concrete corbels reduces overall cost and construction time.
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