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Healthcare projects are complex and require more than a one-door solution. Not only does each door influence the overall aesthetic, the correct choice helps block out noise, stands up to abuse, and supports a sterile environment. Let us provide the solutions you need to create a more successful healthcare facility.

Doors For Healthcare Solutions:

  • Stile & Rail: Office Suites & Public Areas
  • Plastic Laminate: Public or Common Areas
  • High Impact Door: Patient Room Entry & Surgical Units
  • Oversized Door: Cross Corridor
  • Lead-Lined Cross Section: Imaging Room


Performance Solutions:

  • Acoustically Sound Spaces - Patient Rooms
  • Extreme Durability - Corridors & Surgical Units
  • Optimal Hygiene - Clinical Areas
  • High Level of Aesthetics - Public Areas


Design Guide - See a floor by floor guide to simplify your healthcare project.

Case Study - Durability and performance meet at the Clarity Child Guidance centre.

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