Griffolyn, Division of Reef Industries, Inc.
Griffolyn, Division of Reef Industries, Inc.
Vapor Barriers
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Houston, TX 77075
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Heat Shrinkable Covers

Griff-Shrink® is a patented multi-ply heat-shrinkable laminate that is heat shrinkable and combines the performance of polyethylene and specialty heat-shrinkable films supported with a reinforcement grid to create a highly tear resistant and durable product. The reinforcement grid provides a uniform tear resistance in all directions. Griff-Shrink® is ideal for transporting large over-the-road flatbed shipments while protecting machinery and equipment from damage and corrosiofn.

Several grades of Griff-Shrink® are available to provide the optimum in cost/benefit for an extensive range of packaging applications. Griff-Shrink® 3-ply VCI consists of layers of UV stabilized polyethylene, cord reinforcement and high-strength shrinkable film. Our 5-ply VCI product combines alternating layers of reinforcing between three layers of specialty shrink films and polyethylene for a heavy-duty cover. Griff-Shrink® TX-1600FR UVS is ultraviolet light stabilized, heat shrinkable, reinforced and fire retardant to meet safety requirements around critical materials or work areas.

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