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The possibilities for architecture design are endless thanks to TecnoPrinting by Tecnoglass. We've combined the durability of ceramic inks and the versatility of digital printing into one proven solution for all glass-printing applications. It's a revolutionary step in glass manufacturing that perfectly combines form with function.


Limitless Design

We've removed the restrictions on screen-printing and opened the door to a spectrum of colors with ceramic ink. With TecnoPrinting by Tecnoglass, anyone can print on glass and achieve results that are highly predictable, repeatable and durable. What's more, applying Tecnoglass' solar control coatings over a digital image gives glass greater UV and scratch resistance, as well as greater transparency.


TecnoPrinting Dual Image

With dual image printing, you gain more options. The image or pattern printed on one side of the glass can be a different color or image than what is printed the other side of the glass. For example, see below.


TecnoPrinting Simulated Etch Ink

Simulated Etch ink can be used alone or in combination with other ink colors to create a variety of specific patterns or to simulate the look of acid etched or colored etch glass.


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Insulating Glass Digital Print

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