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FEC Heliports > PRODUCT > LED Mini-Floodlights (Walkway Lighting)

The Walkway floodlight illuminates the critical patient pathway and emergency egress routes to ensure safer night time operations.

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Revit BIM Files for LED Mini-Floodlights (Walkway Lighting)

Light: Flushlight Can: HP0599C

Light: Ground Mounted-Perimeter: HP0590G

Light: Inset Perimeter-Assembly: HP0771F-C

Light: Pole Mounted-Perimeter: HP0790P

Light: Beacon: Three Color: FEC-Heliports: HP0683

Light: Obstruction: Pole Mounted: FEC-Heliports: HP0782P

Light: Perimeter Green-A: FEC-Heliports: HP0790G

Light: Windcone Assembly: FEC-Heliports: HP0908

Specifications for LED Mini-Floodlights (Walkway Lighting)
26 55 39
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