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FEC Heliports is pleased to offer the newest and most versatile LED Heliport Beacon on the market to be used as a single or three color beacon. This high visibility LED beacon is completely programmable and can be set to (4) different levels of intensity. Programming is simple and straight forward with the use of internal switch boards. You can program the beacon for a variety of flash rates and this unit will even provide the simulation of rotating. All of FEC's beacons are made of the highest quality components and can be installed in any environment with an operating temperature ranging from -13F to 122F (-25C to +50C)

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LED Programmable Locating Beacon

LED Programmable Locating Beacon  


Revit BIM Files for LED Programmable Locating Beacon

Light: Flushlight Can: HP0599C

Light: Ground Mounted-Perimeter: HP0590G

Light: Inset Perimeter-Assembly: HP0771F-C

Light: Pole Mounted-Perimeter: HP0790P

Light: Beacon: Three Color: FEC-Heliports: HP0683

Light: Obstruction: Pole Mounted: FEC-Heliports: HP0782P

Light: Perimeter Green-A: FEC-Heliports: HP0790G

Light: Windcone Assembly: FEC-Heliports: HP0908

Specifications for LED Programmable Locating Beacon
26 55 39
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