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Laminated Paper

Dumond Laminated Paper is one of the most respected and widely used environmentally friendly paint removal products in the world. The Dumond Laminated Paper is a patented laminated paper that improves the reaction time and can also extend the dwell time for all Dumond paint removal products. Dumond Laminated Paper comes pre-packaged with Peel Away® 1 Heavy-Duty Paint Remover. However, depending upon your application and projects architectural structure, you may find it desirable to purchase additional Dumond Laminated Paper to be used in conjunction with other Dumond paint removal products. Dumond Laminated Paper is critical to a paint removal project's success on hot days and where extended dwell times are necessary to remove all coatings. Dumond Laminated Paper keeps all Dumond paint removal products from drying out, and thus becoming ineffective too quickly. Dumond® Laminated Paper reduces the wrinkling, or tenting, that occurs when doing a stripping project thus keeping the remover in contact with subsequent coatings until reaching the bare substrate. With these projects in mind, we stock individual packages of this product in a 3 pack/30 square foot, 10 pack/100 square feet and a 13" X 300' rolls for larger projects.

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