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Luxury Car & SUV Garage Storage Lift for Small Garages

Why choose between your dream home and your treasured vehicles? With a Single-Car Garage Lift from Vasari, you can have it all. Some homeowners do not have the lot size for multi-car surface garages, while others simply prefer a single-space garage. Your personal needs and unique situation can be solved with a car and SUV lift that is perfect for smaller garages, thus providing ample parking for two full-sized vehicles. This type of garage lift accomplishes the job by vertically stacking the vehicles within the same footprint. While one vehicle is kept underground, a second remains on the top platform of the garage lift. As a result, both are stored safely and securely in half the space.

As an industry leader in garage lift design and manufacturing, Vasari can craft garage lift dimensions that deliver the storage space you've always dreamed about. Not all homes can support an addition to the existing garage. Vasari's client-specific solutions, which you can learn more about on this website, always make the most of the available real estate. With a Vasari Single-Car Garage Lift, your small lot size isn't a reality you're forced to accept. By making the most of garage lift dimensions, it's an easy design challenge to solve. Don't lower your standards. Elevate your cars.

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