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Madico®, Inc. > PRODUCT > Madico Window Film Modernizes the Ellis Building in Sarasota, Florida - Exterior Solar Grey 20


The Ellis Building is a twelve story high-rise located in Sarasota, Florida and built in 1968 as an “ultra-modern" office building complete withgreen glass and imported white marble columns. At that time, this was the first major commercial construction in downtown Sarasota in morethan 40 years. However, the building's 1960's design proved to be less than timeless when compared to the explosion of modern high-risebuildings that erupted nearby in recent years.The rows of dark green vision glass, between rows of opaque green spandrel glass, created a dated look when compared to the sleek coatedglass buildings around it. Recently, the Ellis Building's owners decided it was time to bring the landmark into the 21st century with a facelift. Theyconsulted with the design team at Benderson Development, a prestigious commercial property developer, to create an action plan.


The Benderson Development design team proposed a plan that included washing the building to restore the luster of the white marble columns,painting the faded and chalky metal window framing and replacing all of the windows, 38,000 square feet of glass! It was quickly determinedthat the re-glazing element of the plan would not be a cost effective option. The team investigated alternative solutions and discovered Madico'sExterior Solar Grey, scratch-resistant window film.The application of Madico's Exterior Solar Grey 20 window film created a modern, uniform look on all of the building's windows, while alsomitigating heat and glare. In fact, the film will reduce electric consumption by over 200,000 kilowatt hours each year saving thousands of dollarsin cooling costs.

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Madico Window Film Modernizes the Ellis Building in Sarasota, Florida