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Max Defense Treatment System™
A good team is a team whose strengths complement one another, a good team plays well together. It is important that chemistry applied to concrete follows the same principle. Concrete treatments that complement one another; coupled with the proper mechanically ground, honed, and polished floor can create a winning combination for your polished concrete needs. The Green Umbrella Max Defense Treatment System™ is made up of three key players: Green Umbrella Dry Shield™ has one of the highest abrasion resistance levels on the market. Green Umbrella Shield & Enhance™ has a superior chloride screen. To finish of the lineup Green Umbrella Microfilm™ offers a repairable surface layer making Green Umbrella Max Defense Treatment System™ a team that has you covered. Features & BenefitsHigh Performance ConcreteDesigned for environmental wet Grinding, Honing and Polishing pH neutralWill not form white residue that has to be recutIncreases hardness and density, while reducing porosityRequires no rinsing & disposal and will not gel on surfaceResists penetration by oils, chemicals and other stain-causing materialsDecreases black tire marking from lift trucks and other equipmentIncreased hardness and densityAdds dust and stain proofing propertiesSalt ProtectantExcellent resistance to efflorescence, fungi and mildew growthStands up to heavy abrasion and floor traffic while providing excellent slip resistanceHighly resistant to aviation oils for up to 48 hoursResists acid and chemical exposureNot prone to whitening, will not peel or flakeUSDA/FDA approved for incidental food contactVery low maintenance
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