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Microfiltration Membrane

Catch-N-Cover™ is a strong, breathable, specially-treated filter material that allows air and water to easily pass through it while still catching jobsite debris and overspray. Drape Catch-N-Cover™ over the ground or over the lawn around the construction site; hang it over shrubs and bushes, over gardens, driveways, walkways, lawn furniture, and more. The sun will not “cook" the vegetation underneath Catch-N-Cover™ like plastic or heavy tarps. The Catch-N-Cover™ will not suffocate, crush, or flatten vegetation. Both rain and pressure washing water will drain through Catch-N-Cover™, leaving the dirt and falling debris on top of the cloth while keeping everything beneath it clean. Catch-N-Cover™ remains strong and durable, and lightweight while wet due to its low-absorbent fabric. When a job is done, simply fold or roll it up for reuse or disposal.

Dimensions of drop cloth are 11' X 20'.

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