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Trimlite's new screwless door frames can reduce installation time and increase curb appeal

RENTON, Wash. - One of the biggest pet peeves of the door installation industry is about to be a thing of the past. Starting this month, prehangers can avoid pesky frame plugs and put away the screwdriver, thanks to the introduction of the new Solution Series door frames and doorlites from Trimlite.

The first one-piece, screwless door frame system that took more than seven years to develop, the patented Solution Series features a compression seal and interlocking joints that dramatically streamline installation for hard-working pros by reducing tedious, repetitive steps. With its low-profile appearance that melts into the background, the frames allow the doorlites to take on starring roles in the entry unit.

"When it comes to doors and frames, screw holes and plugs are the sore thumbs of the industry", said Trimlite Director of Marketing Adam Wendt. "Traditional door frames require a huge investment of time and effort to hang and often do not produce the aesthetic results that homeowners desire. The Solution Series removes all those challenges and makes the process simpler for the installer, while avoiding unsightly gaps or unfinished screw plugs".

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