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Granufin® and Granumat®

Granufin® free-flowing pigments and the Granumat® concrete color metering system are so innovative, they were granted U.S. patent 4,946,505. Granufin® is a pigment granule with a binding ingredient that enhances color development when mixed into concrete.The Granufin® micro-granule and color metering system was invented in 1989. Granufin® products are available through the Davis Colors™ North American distribution system. Together with Hydrotint™ liquids and economical powder concentrates, Davis Colors offers every form of color available. A Complete System The Granufin®/Granumat® color system includes Granufin® micro-granulated pigment and Granumat® equipment, which automatically weighs and transports pigment from bulk storage directly to the concrete mixer in a completely enclosed automated batching operation. For many concrete producers, automated metering can be a more economical method for producing colored concrete. Granufin™ colors are free-flowing, easy to handle and virtually dust-free for a cleaner manufacturing plant. They come in bulk super-sacks weighing between 882 to 2,866 pounds to further minimize transportion and handling costs.
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