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Non-Lethal Chemical Plant Bird Control
The Only Chemical Plant Bird Control Service with SUSTAINABLE RESULTS! 2017 Overall Safety and Performance Award from BP America in Houston / CBRE IISN 25 years of experience, we manage flocking birds safely and effectively We know what works and when to use it, satisfaction guaranteed Completely effective methods, customized to your environment, fogging not required Chemical Plants, Power Plants, Refineries etc. Grackles, Starlings, Vultures, Buzzards, Cowbirds, Blackbirds, Etc. SAFETY FOCUS, OSHA BASIC PLUS, Random Testing, Background Checks, TWIC, DISA, ISNETWORLD, Avetta, Etc. No Attention Getting Migratory Flock Kills! No Pesticides, No Toxic Chemicals Fed Stat: "EACH CALENDAR YEAR, you must attempt to control depredation by (grackles, cowbirds, blackbirds, and crows) using NONLETHAL methods before you may use lethal control."
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